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The Image of the City by Kevin Lynch: A Free PDF Book that Changed the Way We See Cities

Lynch discusses imageability or the ease with which the people who live and work there in a city can picture it accurately. He discusses the importance of balance between aesthetics and function. An element of the city should have form as well as function. He argues that the five physical elements of path, edge, district, node, and landscape are the building blocks of a city but must be executed thoughtfully and skillfully. The visual impact of these elements should be pleasing to the eye and serve a function.

the image of the city kevin lynch pdf free download

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Good City Form, by Kevin Lynch (1995). Lynch looks at connections between human values and the physical forms of cities, sets requirements for a normative theory of city form, reviews earlier physical images of what utopian communities might be, sees what is to be learned from hellish images, and helps us place city forms into one or another of three theoretic constructs; cosmic or ceremonial centers, the machine city, and the city as an organism. Buy this book.

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