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Where Can I Buy Mastectomy Bras

While everyone here at the Bra Patch loves to help women find the best bras they have ever owned, we all agree that the most fulfilling part of our business is in helping women who are battling or have survived their battle with breast cancer. We are proud to deliver the most extensive range of mastectomy bras available in the area, and we provide unparalleled service for the inspiring women who need them.

where can i buy mastectomy bras

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At the Bra Patch, we carry a full line of silicone prostheses, foam shapers, post-surgical puff pads, specialized bras, and more. Our most private fitting room is set aside for our mastectomy customers, and our certified mastectomy fitters are experts in finding that perfect fit for fantastic, natural-looking results. We strive to help all breast cancer survivors feel feminine, attractive, and even sexy again. Regardless of the scope of your mastectomy surgery, we are here to help fit you with the exact bra and prosthesis you need to help you get on with your life.

Fact: Mastectomy bras are quality bras that can be beautiful. All good bras come with some type of lining in the cup. The difference between a good retail bra and a great mastectomy bra is that the lining in the mastectomy bra has an opening that allows for a prosthesis to slip between the layers.

Do you have an upcoming lumpectomy or mastectomy? A visit to Cheryl's Health Boutique prior to surgery will allow you to meet the staff and preview our special post-surgical products including our camisoles, foam forms, and soft cotton bras. Then you can return 4 to 6 weeks after surgery to be fit for bras and silicone prostheses.

For women who have had a mastectomy, lumpectomy or breast reconstruction, there are many different options available. That is why it is important to meet with a fitter to talk about options and recommendations.

Mastectomy bras have soft pockets to hold a breast form or shaper securely in place and will also provide support to a natural breast. A breast form or shaper is worn in the bra pocket. The goal is to provide support, comfort and breast symmetry for women.

Post mastectomy supplies are durable medical equipment (DME) so they are medically necessary and billable to insurance. A prescription and prior authorization are needed as the quantity and duration of supplies an insurance allows varies.

Post mastectomy supplies need to be in good shape to provide support, comfort, stability and symmetry. When the elastic on a bra wears out, it no longer supports the breast form or breast properly, which can cause discomfort and other concerns.

A mastectomy bra is a special bra with pockets to hold a breast prosthesis. There are many attractive bras that come in several colors (white, ivory, black, red, and nude/beige) that can be fitted at the time of the prosthesis. New products are always becoming available (in different shapes, weights, etc.) so it is a good idea to visit Shine to see if there have been any advances since your last fitting.

You should always consult your physician about when to where a breast form. It varies for each woman depending on her surgery and healing. Most women will be able to wear a prosthesis (breast form) within two to eight weeks after surgery, once there are no longer any open wounds or stitches. Camisoles that have soft attachable prostheses can be worn immediately after surgery until the surgical site is healed.

Shine is a cancer specialty store that fits breast prostheses and bras and provides other services. Unlike some lingerie or department stores, we cater to the needs of women with breast cancer. There are many different brands of prostheses. The most important concern is finding one that is comfortable and fits your body. Our expert certified breast prosthesis fitters will fit the bra and prosthesis. You may schedule an appointment for your fitting. The first fitting usually takes about an hour.

Shine does not sell prostheses over the Internet because we believe these products need to be fit by a certified fitter. Every woman's body is different. Most women require only one prosthesis and the goal is the match the look of the other breast and to find something that is comfortable. Expert fitters have seen hundreds of different bodies, know the products that are available, and can provide a woman with the best professional fit. Sometimes there is more than one option and that really cannot be determined without trying it on. We have found that even under the best of circumstances, where patients come into the store, the fit can be difficult for some patients. We encourage you to find a place that has prostheses and certified fitters who really understand the fitting problems. Buying a breast prosthesis is not like shopping for other items and the knowledge of the person helping you can make a big difference in what you purchase and how you feel.

A doctor usually writes a prescription for a breast form, and some insurance companies require a special authorization just like they do for specialists or other medical procedures referred from a primary care doctor. A typical prescription for a breast prosthesis and bras would say the following: "Breast prosthesis for (right, left, or bilateral) and (quantity) prosthetic bras for (diagnosis)."

Shine provides a comfortable, private salon space where all patients and their support friends and family can find information and solutions to hair loss. We offer a myriad of unique and practical head covering solutions, from wigs, hats and scarves to Chemo Beanies and natural fiber head wraps.

There are many different options for dealing with hair loss and most people select more than one. Many women buy a wig, some scarves, and a couple of caps and hats to meet the needs of their lifestyle, where they are going, and how they are dressed. Many men choose to shave off their hair and buy one or two hats to protect their heads when they are outdoors.

We carry bras from several vendors including American Breast Care, TruLife, Amoena, and WearEase. Because women come in all shapes and sizes, we stock a wide selection of bras to fit your exact needs.

The mastectomy bra is specially designed for those with breast cancer and is made with no wire, soft material, and includes a pocket in the inner lining to fit a prosthetic, Victoria's Secret said in a press release. For the month of October, the bra is available for $10 and 100% of the proceeds will go to The Victoria's Secret Global Fund for Women's Cancers to support breast cancer research.

The Anita mastectomy bras on sale and marked as clearance in this collection are typically discontinued designs that will never be restocked. This is your last chance to buy an old favorite or find stylish and unique designs from the past year at a fabulously discounted price. While some sizes may already be sold out, the selection here changes frequently so be sure to keep an eye out for new items.

If you have been seeing a therapist during your mastectomy and recovery, talk to him or her about your worries and concerns associated with bra selection. Many women feel that selecting a bra makes their situation feel more real. Others fear that their feelings of lost femininity will be magnified by the process of bra selection. Talking about these feelings can help strengthen you emotionally so you are better able to face the challenge of bra selection.

When you are emotionally and physically ready to select post-mastectomy bras, meet with a certified fitter. Even women who have both of their natural breasts often choose the wrong size bra. A fitter will ensure you go home with bras that make you look natural and feel comfortable. Certified fitters are discrete, kind, and can answer any questions you have about the bra-fitting process or which bras might be best for you.

Even if you feel strong going into your first post-mastectomy bra fitting, emotions might come flooding out once you start trying on bras. This is nothing to be ashamed of. However, you may want to have a friend or your partner attend the bra fitting with you so that you can depend on them for support throughout the process.

Many women who have had mastectomies eventually settle on one or two styles of bras that they like best. However, when you are getting fitted for your first bras, play around with a few different styles to give yourself a chance to discover which ones suit you.

At a minimum, look for a smooth, soft t-shirt bra that you can wear when you need smooth lines under clothing. Also, find a lacier bra you can wear when you want to feel feminine. With either style, front closures are usually easiest to manage after a mastectomy.

Just because you liked a certain style of bra prior to your mastectomy does not mean you have to stick with the same style now. Don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with a new color or style. This is a time to reclaim your femininity in the way that feels most authentic to you right now. That might mean wearing a silky pink bra even though you used to be a white-only girl.

Follow the tips above, and rely on the certified fitters at Sal-Liz to find a mastectomy bra you love. Our consultations are always free, and we offer custom-fit bras and prosthetic bras for women of all shapes and sizes.

As a woman, you probably have your bra size memorized, much like your social security number and email password. However, the size you think you are may not be your true bra size. If you have not been measured in years or have never been professionally measured for a bra, there is a good chance you are wearing the wrong size. Keep an eye out for these six signs that your bras don't fit properly.

Back pain is particularly common in larger-chested women who wear bras that are the wrong size. You may over-estimate your cup size when really you need a larger band with a smaller cup for better support. Alternatively, you may be wearing too large a band, which allows the band to ride up your back and pull on your shoulders.

There are different styles of bras suited for different clothing, but if you consistently have to try on three or four bras before finding one that looks presentable with your attire, it's time to get re-measured. 041b061a72


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