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Mature Land [UPD]

Generally speaking, anything can exist on mature land "so long as they do not host publicly promoted adult activities or content and do not use adult search tags." For the purposes of a private residence, check the land covenant for what's permitted. Usually on mature/moderate rental land, nudity and/or sexual activity can take place behind closed doors (and windows). On adult land, unless it was against your rental covenant, you could have sex furniture outside, be nude outside, wouldn't have to shut the doors and windows before engaging in sexual activity, etc. On mature land, keep your sex furniture inside and draw the curtains before using it.

mature land

"The Magician's Land" is the final installment in the three-book "Magicians" trilogy, a genre-busting adult-fantasy series. The books follow Quentin and an ever-growing cast of magicians, hangers-on, magical creatures, gods, bookkeepers, talking birds, knights, kings and queens and the like through their school days, their angst, their relationships, their magical quests and across their magical lands. And to the edges of Newark Liberty International Airport.

Grossman has written a magical novel. But that doesn't mean it's not mature. Throughout this series, and particularly with this final installment, he hits on big themes: There are meditations on loss, on growing up, the nature of friendship and people's ceaseless, and often fruitless, desire to fix and control things. Through Quentin, Grossman offers his own take: that much of growing up is learning what you can fix and accepting what you can't. Having the courage to do the former and the intelligence to absorb the latter defines Quentin's path.

(b) The Secretary of the Interior, with respect to public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management, and the Secretary of Agriculture, with respect to National Forest System lands, shall, within 1 year of the date of this order, define, identify, and complete an inventory of old-growth and mature forests on Federal lands, accounting for regional and ecological variations, as appropriate, and shall make such inventory publicly available.

(i) coordinate conservation and wildfire risk reduction activities, including consideration of climate-smart stewardship of mature and old-growth forests, with other executive departments and agencies (agencies), States, Tribal Nations, and any private landowners who volunteer to participate;

(iii) develop policies, with robust opportunity for public comment, to institutionalize climate-smart management and conservation strategies that address threats to mature and old-growth forests on Federal lands.

(i) develop a Federal goal that charges agencies to meet agency-specific reforestation targets by 2030, including an assessment of reforestation opportunities on Federal lands and through existing Federal programs and partnerships;

(a) within 1 year of the date of this order, the Secretary of State, in consultation with the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of Agriculture, the Secretary of Commerce, the Secretary of Homeland Security (through the Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection), the Administrator of the Small Business Administration, the Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development, the United States Trade Representative, and the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, shall submit a report to the President evaluating options, including recommendations for proposed legislation, for a whole-of-government approach to combating international deforestation that includes:

(i) incorporate the assessment of risk of deforestation and other land conversion into guidance on foreign assistance and investmentprogramming related to infrastructure development, agriculture, settlements, land use planning or zoning, and energy siting and generation;

(iii) identify and engage in international processes and fora, as appropriate, to pursue approaches to combat deforestation and enhance sustainable land use opportunities in preparing climate, development, and finance strategies;

(v) assess options to direct foreign assistance and other agency programs and tools, as appropriate, to help threatened forest communities transition to an economically sustainable future, with special attention to the participation of and the critical role played by indigenous peoples and local communities and landholders in protecting and restoring forests and in reducing deforestation and forest degradation.

Sec. 4. Deploying Nature-Based Solutions to Tackle Climate Change and Enhance Resilience. Just as forest conservation, restoration, and adaptation generate broad benefits related to climate change and other areas, other nature-based solutions can advance multiple benefits. These solutions include actions that protect coasts and critical marine ecosystems, reduce flooding, moderate extreme heat, replenish groundwater sources, capture and store carbon dioxide, conserve biodiversity, and improve the productivity of agricultural and forest lands to produce food and fiber. To ensure that agencies pursue nature-based solutions, to the extent consistent with applicable law and supported by science, the following actions shall be taken:

(a) The Chair of the Council on Environmental Quality, the Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, and the Assistant to the President and National Climate Advisor shall, in consultation with the Secretary of Defense (through the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works), the Secretary of the Interior, the Secretary of Agriculture, the Secretary of Commerce (through the Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, the Secretary of Transportation, the Secretary of Energy, the Secretary of Homeland Security (through the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency), the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Administrator of the Small Business Administration, and the heads of other agencies as appropriate, submit a report to the National Climate Task Force to identify key opportunities for greater deployment of nature-based solutions across the Federal Government, including through potential policy, guidance, and program changes.

The maturity ratings distinguish between publicly-promoted adult content, required to be on Adult regions, and non-public adult content, such as private homes with a sex bed, that can be located on Moderate land.

Adult activities cannot be advertised or publicly promoted on Moderate land. Such activity must occur privately, behind closed doors on Moderate land (see below), and is forbidden on General land. These restrictions apply regardless of whether the parcel has hidden avatars.

Advertising for SL search using adult words clearly requires being on Adult land. Other examples of advertising or publicly-promoting include renting signs inworld, listing on events, buying ads in newspapers, or distributing flyers or notecards to passersby.

Awhile ago I mentioned the invaluable work of Tyche Shepherd, a Resident who meticulously tracks in-world Second Life data such as "Incident" reports. In a recent report posted on the SL Universe Forum, she has exhaustive details on the full scope of Second Life land, summarized according to content rating (PG, Mature, and Adult, a relatively new designation for SL content with graphic sex and violence). Here they are:

[Update, 11/9: Some readers in Comments dispute how I'm interpreting these numbers in the following paragraph, see conversation below.] Or put another way, if Tyche's numbers are correct, Pixar-friendly land is being added to SL at three times the rate as land better suited for Second Life depictions of Hostel or Antichrist. It's possible the imposition of a credit card verification block has impeded the growth of Adult land; whatever the case, it seems to be shrinking as a proportion. Back in 2007, Philip Linden said total Adult-rated landmass was 18% -- now presuming Tyche Shepherd's data is accurate (and I've no reason to doubt it), it's evidently a third that size. Hat tip: Opensource Obscure

A lot of people figured out the policy was not exactly clearly stated and they didn't have to go adult. A lot of people are leaving Zindra to go back to mature because LL appears unwilling to enforce the adult oriented policy on certain well known people's operations therefore they cannot enforce it on anyone without yet another potential legal situation. Bad bet. I think in these cases the policy will eventually be enforced and guess what? That free zindra swap is no longer an option and land there goes for L$20 per sq meter now. So really the less adult regions there are the more valuable that griefer free land is.

Supply is only half of the puzzle. Try performing a mainland land search with all three options selected, then repeat that search with just adult selected. You'll notice that even on the low end, adult land prices are roughly 3 times what they are on the rest of the mainland. If you take a random mainland survey, you will find that a lot of the land on the mainland is abandoned or for sale. Demand for PG and Mature has dropped through the floor, and there is no sign of recovery in sight.

In addition to all the errors cited above (confusing raw counts with rates, etc.), you're also incorrectly said in 2007 18% of land was adult rated. In fact, the figure you're citing is the number of parcels in 2007 that had the "Mature" checkbox checked. You're comparing apples and oranges here. You can't compare that figure to anything other than how many parcels today have the "Mature" checkbox checked, although if you to try to twist some sort of invalid comparison out of these numbers, a more appropriate comparison would be to compare that number to the number of Mature and Adult rated regions today, which would suggest that in fact the amount has increased rather than decreased by more than a factor of three. (But, as indicated, this too would be a bad comparison, just not quite as bad as the one you made.) 041b061a72


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