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Skyrim Snow Bear Armor __HOT__

Snow Bear Pelts are collected from the bodies of snow bears. Each bear will produce two pelts. They can be used to create custom snow bear armor. Brynjolfr outside Thirsk can provide this service for you. His prices are as follows:

Skyrim Snow Bear Armor

Snow Bear CuirassBase ArmorWeightBase Value35 25.00 10000 TypeCuirassArmor Health325Additional EffectsResist Frost, 5 pointsPart ofSnow Bear ArmorClassMediumIDBM_bear_cuirass_snowSnow Bear Cuirass is a piece of enchanted Medium Armor in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon.

The snow bear is a very strong form of the bear that fans will find while adventuring in the snowy regions of Skyrim. The snow bear can deal a ton of damage, and it is also very fast, similar to wolves.

A lot of players forget that the snow bear exists, and then, when they go to adventure into the snowy tundra, they will find that there is an enemy waiting to scratch and bite their character with force.

The Tamriel Rebuilt and Project Tamriel teams for Tamriel Data, Chainy: Hircine statue, SGMonkey: terrain textures, Nebula1: terrain textures, Otis_Geo: terrain textures, ddy: terrain textures, dawghus: Nord tapestries, Hicks123: various textures, Stupostar: various mesh changes and optimizations, and Graphical Herbalism models, Alaisiagae: Bloodmoon pelt replacer BPR, wolf helmet replacer, Remiros: eagle sword, Raven Rock HD, Lake Fjalding fix, Saint_Juib: Snow Prince armor redux, Morana: better Snow Prince armor, Prince Psystorm: missing snow Armor

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