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What is ball possession in soccer? The tactics and experiences of playing ball possession

When discussing the most straightforward betting options, it's imperative to highlight handicap betting as the foremost choice. This particular type of bet doesn't necessitate extensive football knowledge or intricate analysis. Its simplicity allows beginners to participate effortlessly. Curious about the odds and gameplay? Dive into the comprehensive guide provided by in the subsequent article to explore further!

What is ball possession in soccer?

Kickoff in soccer signifies the commencement of an exhilarating match. As the referee's whistle echoes across the field, two players emerge at the center circle, poised to kickstart the action by passing the ball to one another. Leveraging this pivotal moment, bookmakers have ingeniously devised a captivating betting avenue known as handicap betting.

Handicap betting, alternatively dubbed the team to kick off (or kickoff bet), invites participants to forecast which team will initiate the game's proceedings. In the realm of football, the kickoff's outcome is determined by a simple coin toss conducted by the referee. A flip of heads dictates the team to kick off, while tails assigns the opposing side the privilege. Players, cognizant of this pivotal event, strategically factor it into their betting decisions, with odds typically hovering at an even 50%.

Renowned for its accessibility, handicap betting offers a seamless entry point into the realm of sports wagering, welcoming both novices and seasoned punters alike. Notably, its hallmark lies in its swift resolution; mere seconds into the match, the bet's fate is sealed, rendering it a swift and exhilarating experience. Consequently, many bettors regard it as a complementary side bet, supplementing their primary wagers with this rapid-fire thrill.

Guide to playing ball possession

Basically, betting on the team to kick off first is very simple. You just need to follow these steps:

Choose a match

The first thing you need to do is to determine the match in which you want to bet on the team to kick off first. Visit reputable bookmakers, select the football betting section, choose the football league, and click on the "Early Odds" option. This will display the matches available for betting on the team to kick off first. If you find a match you want to bet on, click on that match.

Initiate the bet

After selecting the match you want to bet on, initiate the bet at the bookmaker where you are a member. On the bookmaker's betting board, you will see the home team and the away team to kick off first, along with the corresponding odds. Choose which team you think will kick off first by clicking on the betting option.

The bet slip will appear, where you should double-check the information: match, betting option, odds at the time of placing the bet. Your task is to enter the amount of the bet and click on "Place Bet".

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Bonus calculation formula

Like other types of bets in football betting, betting on the team to kick off first also has a bonus calculation formula as follows: Bonus = (bet amount x odds) + previous bet amount. If you lose the bet, the bet amount you placed previously is lost, but there is no scenario where you lose more than the initial bet.

For example: In a match between Manchester United vs Burnley in the English Premier League, the odds for the home team to kick off first are 1.21, and for the away team are 1.45. A player chooses the away team, Burnley, with a bet amount of $100. At the start of the match, the away team has the right to kick off, so you have won and receive a bonus of (100$ x 1.45) + 100$ = $245.

The most accurate ball possession analysis experiences

Although it's a straightforward type of bet, remember that the win-loss ratio is 50%. To help increase your chances of winning when betting on kickoff, here are some hot football tips today:

  • In major matches between two renowned teams, prioritize betting on the away team to kick off first. According to statistics from Sky Bet, up to 60% of away teams are given the kickoff advantage in Premier League matches.

  • Pay attention to the referee's pre-match procedures; some referees tend to favor either the home or away team for the kickoff.

  • Choose a team that hasn't had the kickoff advantage in consecutive matches. You can determine this by analyzing the previous matches of the teams you're interested in.


Failing to consider the kickoff bet would represent a significant missed opportunity for any bettor worth their salt. Often likened to a simple indulgence like eating candy, the kickoff bet is known for its straightforwardness and enticing prospects. With a chance of winning that can reach up to 50%, neglecting such a favorable bet would undoubtedly be a cause for regret. Waste no time; secure your position with a trusted bookmaker and place your wager on the team to kick off first without delay!


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