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1280x720 Best HD Wallpaper From The Marvel Univ...

First off, because this confused me a little: Marvel Unlimited is distinct from Marvel Insider. Insider is a free rewards system that grants you a certain amount of points for each activity you perform on Reading a comic is 50 points, for instance. You can use these points to purchase digital prizes like comics, wallpaper, and access to exclusive behind-the-scenes videos.

1280x720 Best HD Wallpaper From the Marvel Univ...

Marvel has done great job in last decade raising up shared universe of superhero films based on comics. The shared universe with elements from various comics books, crossing over common plot events and characters that appear across all the films is the bases of MCU. In short span of time the success of MCU has set paths for many more movies in future, giving new vision of Marvel Studios to expand and incorporate new character. This Marvel Cinematic Universe Theme for Windows 10 and 7 is based on all the films in this series with wallpapers and posters.

The age of super hero had not yet truly arrived. But the lives of certain individuals were moving in fateful directions, and that age drew ever nearer. The world had lost sight of Captain America, whom cold seas had placed into suspended animations, to be found and worshipped by Inuits who, having no idea who he was, supposed him a deity of some sort.[41] His ex-partner, the Sub-Mariner, had been deprived of his memory by an adversary, and was now no more than pathetic derelict living on the streets of New York.[42] Nick Fury had become a colonel assigned to the C.I.A., but he longed to get out from behind a desk and to plunge back into action. Soon the C.I.A. would send inventor Tony Stark on a secret mission to a conflict in Afghanistan. But for now Stark revels in his life as a playboy, free of the burdens he will bear when he becomes Iron Man.[43] Another scientist, Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, finds himself labouring for the government on a secret test of a new weapon he has invented, the gamma bomb that will turn him into the monstrous Hulk.[44] And still another scientist, Dr. Henry Pym, is now ready to test whether certain subatomic particles he has discovered can shrink a human being in size.[45] Dr. Don Blake feels a sudden desire to take a vacation to Norway. Although he does not know it, it is there he will reclaim his true form, that of Thor, God of Thunder.[46] Professor Charles Xavier has rarely traveled far from his mansion since he was crippled years before. For some time now he has tutored Jean Grey in using her powers. Both of them are mutants. Soon, he will have other students, a team of mutant X-Men.[47] Dr. Stephen Strange has recently returned from his own travels and taken a house in New York's Greenwich Village. He is now ready to act on his own, having been trained in Asia to be a master of the mystic arts.[48] Meanwhile, Matt Murdock and his best friend Foggy Nelson are studying to begin their careers in law. It is not as a lawyer that Murdock will bring his father's killer to justice, however, but as the masked Daredevil.[49] And a much younger student, Peter Parker, soon to become the amazing Spider-Man,[50] escapes from the taunts of bullies into the world of science that he loves. 041b061a72


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