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Sticky Fingers-Extended Play-(EP)-2011-AMX.rar !LINK!

Sticky Fingers-Extended Play-(EP)-2011-AMX.rar: A Review

If you are looking for a fresh and exciting album that blends pop, reggae, rock, and dub, you might want to check out Sticky Fingers-Extended Play-(EP)-2011-AMX.rar. This is the debut EP of the Australian band Sticky Fingers, released in October 2010. It features seven tracks that showcase the band's diverse and catchy sound, influenced by artists like The Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, and The Beatles.

Sticky Fingers-Extended Play-(EP)-2011-AMX.rar

Download Zip:

What is Sticky Fingers-Extended Play-(EP)-2011-AMX.rar?

Sticky Fingers-Extended Play-(EP)-2011-AMX.rar is a digital album that you can stream or download from various platforms, such as Bandcamp, Discogs, or Genius. It is a compressed file that contains the MP3 or FLAC versions of the songs, as well as the cover art and other information. You can unzip the file using a software like WinRAR or 7-Zip and enjoy the music on your device.

What are the songs on Sticky Fingers-Extended Play-(EP)-2011-AMX.rar?

The songs on Sticky Fingers-Extended Play-(EP)-2011-AMX.rar are:

  • Willow Tree: A mellow and groovy song that features a smooth guitar riff and a catchy chorus.

  • Murderous Nerves: A fast-paced and energetic song that showcases the band's rockin' dub style and Dylan Frost's raspy vocals.

  • Juicy Ones: A funky and upbeat song that has a catchy hook and a danceable rhythm.

  • Headlock: A melodic and emotional song that explores the theme of love and loss.

  • Inspirational: A psychedelic and trippy song that has a hypnotic vibe and a dreamy chorus.

  • Brother Be: A reggae-inspired song that has a positive message and a sing-along chorus.

  • Hell & Back: A powerful and epic song that has a dramatic build-up and a soaring finale.

Why should you listen to Sticky Fingers-Extended Play-(EP)-2011-AMX.rar?

You should listen to Sticky Fingers-Extended Play-(EP)-2011-AMX.rar because it is a great introduction to the band's unique and versatile sound. It is also a fun and enjoyable album that will make you want to dance, sing, or chill. The songs are well-written, well-produced, and well-performed by the talented members of Sticky Fingers. The album also received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, who praised its originality, diversity, and quality.

How can you get Sticky Fingers-Extended Play-(EP)-2011-AMX.rar?

You can get Sticky Fingers-Extended Play-(EP)-2011-AMX.rar by visiting one of the following links:

  • Bandcamp: You can stream or download the album for $8 USD or more.

  • Discogs: You can buy or sell the CD version of the album.

  • Genius: You can read the lyrics and annotations of the songs.

Alternatively, you can search for Sticky Fingers-Extended Play-(EP)-2011-AMX.rar on your favorite music platform or torrent site.


Sticky Fingers-Extended Play-(EP)-2011-AMX.rar is a brilliant album that showcases the band's talent and creativity. It is a must-listen for fans of pop, reggae, rock, and dub music. If you are looking for a new and exciting musical experience, you should give Sticky Fingers-Extended Play-(EP)-2011-AMX.rar a try. You won't regret it! 6c859133af


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