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Mac Studio Finish Concealer Shade For Indian Skin

When choosing a concealer, pick one with pink or peach tones, even if your skin is yellow or neutral toned. The MAC instructor at the seminar informed my class that 99% of the population should wear a NW color for their under-eye concealer. She said that even if you normally wear NC foundation, you should choose a NW concealer because layering yellow-toned concealers over dark circles can create a grayish color.

Mac Studio Finish Concealer Shade For Indian Skin

Jouer Matte Moisture TintCamoumile (non-tanned) although look rather pink in tone but when buffed into the skin, the colour is wearable.Light coverage with a matte finish.Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear FoundationDusk (non-tanned)

This concealer from MAC is lightweight, smooth and creamy in texture. It blends like a dream with skin giving you a flawless natural looking skin. It hides blemishes and little goes a long way which makes it cost effective too. It covers skin imperfections and discoloration in a tiny amount and it is enriched with vitamin A, E and silica. These help absorb the secretion of excess oil. It is available in huge shades so that you can get matching shade easily. It also comprises of SPF 35, which prevents sunburn caused due to long hours of exposure to UV rays. It is waterproof and thus stays for entire day until you remove it with makeup remover.

This concealer mac palette has four shades of concealer NC30, NW25, NC35 and NW35. It also contains two corrector shades in mid-yellow and mid-Peach. This concealer palette is great for makeup artist and it is enriched with anti-oxidants, which makes it suitable for all skin types. You can use this individually or combine two shades to get your perfect match.

This concealer from MAC comes in a tube with a doe-foot applicator, which makes application easy. Even, the packaging is compact so that you can easily carry it around. The texture is very nice and thus it blends effortlessly and gives you a natural satin-smooth finish, which looks natural and glowing. The coverage is buildable and there are numerous shades available to choose from. Little goes a long way so one tube will last for 3-4 months. It stays for entire day without fading or settling into lines.

This concealer from MAC is enriched with minerals and nourishing botanicals, which benefit skin in many ways. The texture of the concealer is creamy and thus it blends like a dream and conceals dark circles, scars and other skin imperfections perfectly. It provides medium to buildable coverage and gives a natural glowing skin. It is available in many different shades so you that can get your shade easily.

This MAC concealer palette is in dark shade and it has four shades of concealers which are NC45, NW45, NC50 and NW55. It also has two Studio Finish Corrector shades in ochre and pure orange, which gives you blemish free skin tone in seconds. The texture is really nice and thus it blends effortlessly into skin and gives you natural skin tone. It also has SPF 35 and you do not need to top it up with sunscreen. You can use it alone or you can combine different shades to get your perfect match.

I would describe my skin tone as medium to tan with golden tones. When I lived in San Diego I was around a MAC NC30 and now in Florida I am more often around a MAC NC35 or 40. Living in Florida I find that I tan very easily. I often purchase more than one foundation shade to mix, or switch as I darken with the sun.

Hi, thank you so much for the swatches! which shade do you think would be good for asian skin? I have yellow and a little pink undertone so its hard for me to decide! thanks sooo much for answering ? !

my current foundation is giorgio armani's luminous silk foundation shade #4.It matches perfectly on my skin.I want to try Kevyn's Sensual Skin Enhancer for better coverage.I have warm undertone skin. Usually I go to golden or beige undertonewhen matching my foundation color.

Thanks for the question! I think that you could either go with #4 or #6 in Kevyn Aucoin's SSE depending on your tastes. Both shades are have yellow/beige undertones and are suitable for light skin. Because the formula it is so concentrated and you can also sheer it out with a moisturizer, either shade would likely blend with your GA Luminous Silk #4 skin tone.

Great question! In light of your skin tone (and the shades that currently wear), I suggest the #8. I think that the #6 will definitely be too light and the #7 will be closer, but likely be too light as well!

You are a gem! I actually think, you are right. Yesterday Ive got my MAC Mineralize Foundation in NC20 out and I swatched it. And what can I say? It fits perfectly. I dont know why, but I try to persuade myself that my skin has a neutral undertone, but apparently it doesnt ? I have a warm undertone and so I think shade #4 might fit better than the neutral shades #3 and even #7.

I'm interested to use it to cover my dark undereye circles, but having a hard time choosing the right shade. After looking at your swatches(by the way it's very helpful!), I'm thinking may be #7 or #10, what's your opinion? I'm about NC 25 to 30(may be a littleeeeee bit closer to NC 25, it depends) and having quite dark discoloration around eyes. I'm using the Bobbi Brown corrector in Peach then followed by skintone concealer to cover my dark circles at the moment and I am looking forward this enhancer can do all in one!

Hi Beauty Professor, I love your blog! I can alternate between NW44 studio fix fluid and NW40 studio fix powder. I used to use NW43 but found that it oxidized way too much. Im able to create a perfect blend using a darker liquid and lighter powder. I wanted to try to the Kevyn Aucoin as a highlighter. Which shade would you recommend?

Thanks for the question! Based on what you describe of your skin tone, I think that the #5 (which, unfortunately isn't shown in the swatches above) would work for you. It is a light neutral beige (and I've owned/used it before so I can personally attest to the accuracy of the shade) in the N 20-25 range.

First I want to thank you for the swatches. I need some assistance in choosing the right shade for the winter and summer. Maybe even using it for highlighting and conturing. I have oily combination skin, Medium skin tone ( in the summer medium tan) with both pink and yellow undertones. Right now I was match at Mac as an NC 30 in Studio Fix. In the summer I usually wear Make Up Forever HD in 128.

So glad I've found someone to ask about which shade would suit as this product is at a higher price point than I would usually go to but this product just sounds so lovely I really want to treat myself but am a little worried about getting a good match as its so hard to tell on a computer screen . I'm currently using a mix revlon colour stay in shell and nude, could you recommend the shade would be most suited to my skin tone? any advice would be much appreciated, thanks x

I am the shade 250 true beige in the revlon colorstay liquid foundation. What shade do you think would work for me? I was thinking about getting the 7 and 11 so I can mix all year round. I normally get about 2- shades darker in the summer. I am a pretty neutral skin tone , not to pinky or yellow. Any advice would be great.

Hi your blog is great! Trying to get the perfect match for the SSE, when I wore MAC I am an nc45, I no longer wear it because I find that it's too ghostly. I've since moved over to GA luminous silk, in the summer I wear a 10, I recently bought GA maestro in a 10, which ironically was lighter than the luminous silk 10, and works well in the winter. I want to use SSE as a concealer, which shade do you recommend? Btw, I have used ysl touché éclat in 5 and it was perfect under the eye. Thanks

Thank you, Anon! If you want to use SSE as a concealer, rather than a foundation, then I am guessing you want your concealer to be a bit lighter than your overall base. Is it to conceal the under eye area (in which case you want to go with a slightly lighter shade) or spots and shadows on your face (which might call for a perfect match for your skin).

hi!I am a Make Up for Ever HD 118 and a bourjois radiance reveal healthy mix a 52 (i've been matched with a NW 20 in foundation and a NW 25 in concealer but they are a bit orange for me). What shade would work for me?

Thank you for this awesome post and all of your replies! You have been so helpful!! ? I'm actually interested in using the SSE as my highlight and contour. I used MAC Studio Sculpt concealers in the past, but they've been discontinued. ? My foundation shade is a MAC NC37. I currently use a MUFE HD Foundation (#153) being that it is summer. I used MAC Studio Sculpt concealer in NC15 as a highlight and NW50 as a contour. Obviously I like a bit more dynamic HL/contour but I blend them out with a beauty blender. Could you please point me in the direction as to which SSE shades I should purchase for my highlight and then for my contour color. I like a yellow, warm color as my highlight and a cool, deep brown/grey color as my contour. Thank you so much!!! ?

Hi wondering if you could help, I use the Mac pro longwear foundation in shade NC 42, or revlon colour stay in true beige. What shade would I need in the KA skin enhancer if I wanted to use it as a brightening under eye concealer? x

I'm looking for a color that will give me an under eye glow (like Kim Kardashian). I don't want to match my foundation color, but rather under eye concealer/highlight. I would like to wear a shade lighter than my skin tone for it to look glowy/full coverage without appearing ghostly. I am perfect match with Dior Airflash Sand- 301 if that helps. I have more of a neutral beige undertone. Please let me know if you can!! ?

Hi! This was great, as is the rest of your blog, which I just discovered. I'm wanting to try SSE as a concealer, and am trying to figure out my shade. I'm a C2 in MAC Face and Body Foundation. Any help would be appreciated!


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