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Where To Buy Condoms

Know which condoms you want to buy before you go into a shop. The type of condom you need mostly depends on what size and shape you need, and then if you want extras such as lubrication or spermicide.

where to buy condoms

You should also be aware if you or your partner has a latex allergy, as you should avoid using condoms made from this common material. Condoms come in different materials, such as polyisoprene and lambskin, as well.

No: Never wear two condoms at the same time. That goes for two male condoms or a male condom and a female condom. Wearing two condoms at once causes friction, discomfort, and increases the risk that the condoms will tear or slip off.

Avoid using oil-based products with condoms, such as body lotions, moisturizer, massage or body oil, lipstick, petroleum jelly, or Vaseline. Oil-based products can weaken several types of condoms, making them more prone to splitting open and leaving you unprotected.

Condoms are highly effective in preventing the sexual transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Consistent and correct use of condoms can also prevent unintended pregnancies. You can get free condoms and other safer sex products across the city.

Free products are distributed at local businesses, community-based organizations and health care facilities. The Health Department's NYC Condom Availability Program gives away more than 30 million free safer sex products every year to over 3,500 locations throughout the five boroughs. These free products include male NYC Condoms, internal condoms (FC2) and lubricant. Learn more about the history of the NYC Condom Availability Program (PDF).

Buying condoms for the first time is a big milestone, and it's normal to have a few questions at first! Don't worry, you're not in this alone. We'll help walk you through the process, from deciding where to buy the condoms to knowing what size, style, and material to choose.

The Department of Public Health offers various sizes and shapes of condoms that you can pick up for free at Health Center 1 (1930 S. Broad St.), Health Center 5 (1900 N. 20th St.), or at local community organizations.

Background: Condom purchasing is an important preparation for condom use. The present study examined if products surrounding condoms in the store play a role in preferences for where to buy condoms among young people.

Many young people are hesitant to buy condoms to protect against sexually transmitted diseases because they say they are "too embarrassed" by the experience, according to a study published in the Social Science Journal, the New York Times reports. Kimberly Brackett of Auburn University asked about 250 University of Florida students to buy condoms and then write a paper about the experience. If a student did not purchase condoms, they were asked to write about why they chose not to purchase them. According to the study, 25 students said they were unable to buy condoms, including one woman who cited having "too much embarrassment," according to the Times. Many of the 78 men and 176 women who did buy condoms said they were buying condoms for the first time, and many students said they were embarrassed during the experience, although men reported less embarrassment. Some men and women sought out a clerk of the same sex, tried to conceal the condom box or bought other items to distract attention. In addition, both men and women looked out for other customers while buying the condoms, although more women than men waited for other customers to leave, and more women brought friends along as "allies" during the purchase, according to the study, the Times reports. The study said that some women "told the clerk at the time of purchase that it was for an assignment so the clerk wouldn't get the 'wrong idea.'" Students reporting the least embarrassment said that buying condoms was the "responsible thing to do," according to the Times. Brackett said that more students might buy condoms if it is "stressed" as responsible behavior, the Times reports (Nagourney, New York Times, 12/21).

Needless to say, condoms are your easily-obtainable go-to item for protection from STDs or unwanted pregnancies. In addition to that, condoms also have the potential to make your sexy time more interesting. There are tons of different varieties available with different effects, sensations, and even flavors! But do you know how to buy condoms?

There are a lot of condoms in the market, each with different promises of protection and pleasure. So from all these countless brands, how do you choose? Today we answer several FAQs to help you find the best condom that will literally, and figuratively, fit you!

Some condoms have a birth control substance on them that kills off sperm, known as spermicide. Spermicide is around 80% effective at preventing pregnancy, and you can use it as birth control in its own right.

The most important things to consider with latex condoms are allergies, and lube. Firstly, only use water or silicone-based lubes with latex. Oil-based substances like vaseline and body lotion can break down the condom and cause it to break.

There are lots of websites that sell contraceptives, and some even specialize in condoms. You can buy practically any kind you can imagine: latex, non-latex, lambskin, internal, and even novelty condoms.

Most condom manufacturers make their condoms in a standard size that fits most guys. There are also small and XL sizes that fit other guys better. However, make sure you know which size will fit you.

Literally everywhere: the corner drugstore, convenience stores, gas stations, sex shops, and select novelty stores. You can even purchase them online. However, not all places can give you the exact type of condom you need.

Yes. There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but there is definitely such thing as a free condom. Depending on the country and city you live in, you can score free condoms from your local general hospital or health clinic as part of government-sponsored reproductive health programs.

Legally speaking, when buying condoms, there is a law to prevent a person of any age from buying a condom. If a person is underage, the worst he or she can get is a disapproving stare from the cashier. Having sex at a young age may be frowned upon, but using protection is always a positive.

Generally, better-engineered condoms come with a price. However, we can also say that no condom is actually better than the other because each will present a different feature catering to the need of a particular consumer group.

Like anything in life, one cannot have it all, and the same goes for making condoms. No condom can provide an equal measure of pleasure and protection at the same time, and which one you use will depend on your preference.

However, over the years, one of the conundrums for guys was where and how to buy condoms. For some, there is a layer of purchasing embarrassment given the personal nature of the product. Luckily, we have the Internet and so our method for buying condoms has never been more comfortable.

The prophylactic is the only device that can, if used correctly every time, help reduce STDs and also prevent unintended pregnancies. For these two simple yet very important reasons, condoms are priceless devices for every man.

Before you go on your condom shopping spree, let us give you a bit more insight. As we just alluded, all condoms are for pregnancy protection. However, how you actually use them determines their effectiveness. Their effectiveness ranges based on a type of use, which varies from perfect (98%!) to typical and inconsistent scenarios. Since this article guides you on how to buy condoms, for more in-depth questions regarding condom effectiveness, refer to our article where we describe this topic.

The time when you had to depend on a single material (latex) is thankfully long gone. Nowadays, manufacturers use several materials when making their condoms. Whether you use the widely accepted natural latex or any other alternative, it's good to know condom lubricant compatibilities and effectiveness capabilities.

Condom size can be a bit of a guessing game, especially if you are new to using condoms. As there are primarily only four size groups, you can try a few condom samples to discover what's the right fit for you. Once you settle your size category, go explore.

Are you large or even extra large? Magnum is an exclusive line of condoms for well-hung men. If it's too big for the regular size, Magnum saves the day. For the record, Trojan creates these super-size prophylactics too so you know they are trustworthy.

Naturalamb is a unique condom. Click the orange button to find out what's up with this protection before using. These lambskin condoms have been around for a long time and some consider them the oldest condom material ever used for protective sheaths. By the way, these are also brought to you by Trojan.

Durex, as a brand, does not need any introduction. Worldwide notoriety gives this manufacturer a guarantee of trust among its users. The selection of Durex condoms is not the most extensive these days, yet you still have enough to choose from for your bedroom escapades.

It's all about getting closer and the ultra-thin category has plenty to offer. With condoms that are even thinner than the rest, you get to enjoy better sensitivity and that certainly helps you feel the intimacy more.

For most couples not looking to start a family, condoms are the easiest form of contraception to find in Japan. In fact, most of the time, you just need to look at the nightstand of your love hotel suite, and there will be two or three of them sitting there waiting for you.

Throw away any preconceptions you may have when it comes to Asian men and size right now, please. There have been scores of studies over the years into penis size which have revealed that the average man is about the same size everywhere in the world.

Generally speaking, the average Japanese condom fits up to 52-54 millimeters in girth (the average Western condom, 53-55 millimeters). In other words, unless your partner is exceptional in one direction or the other, any man, Japanese or otherwise, can use any of the condoms on this list. 041b061a72

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