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Download File Smodd.torrent


first go to properties of the game (smod tactical) then go to the destination and put -console done or if you have the non steam hl2 then download a new config.cfg and config_default.cfg then go to the game options of keyboard and advanced and mark º developer console and press P on a new game i hope this works for you

If you're having broken textures (magenta + black checkerboard and ocean, maybe crashes, and trigger walls like in coast highway 17 map), then I highly recommend going through the install process of Standalone setup as many previous SMOD users have done ( ). if you still have texture errors after running both installers (HL2 -> CSS addon), then copy the files from CSS base from this REDUX's standalone ( ) and overwrite the CSS base from the one you've installed. You may also apply Onemanshow's additional fixes to texture details that were messed up by recent engine updates (overwrite over CSS base)( ). This has fixed all my errors with textures and it plays just fine.

Like many other version of Smod, this doesn't run well with Steam's HL2 so you'll need to install Smod Standalone: first then use this mod in the mods folder or install the pre-Orange Box update version of HL2 (Look for Half-Life 2 Pre-Orange Box [Source Engine Version 7] in the "file" section above)

First time I booted it up, everything worked fine - exept for the video settings (low resolution, not running in a window). Changed them and restarted the game. Now the custom models don't load, I can't open the mod menues and upon trying I get lua-errors (missing files). skripted sequences also don't work properly (Alyx is stuck in place at begin of ch2, barney at begin of ch3 for instance). The mod itself works beautifully though. I installed both the full version and latest patch correctly and also reinstalled them a few times with minor changes, without any better result. How can I fix this?

Once Steam has finished downloading you can launch the SDK from the Tools tab. You can also create a desktop shortcut by right-clicking on the SDK in the Tools tab and clicking Create desktop shortcut from the context menu that appears. (Recommended for quick access)

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3. Put the decompressed files in the following locations:- From the Main download, drop "Cinders" folder into your DarkSoulsIII Game directory: \steamapps\common\DARK SOULS III\Game\.- From the Model download, drop the "Cinders" folder into the same DarkSoulsIII Game directory: \steamapps\common\DARK SOULS III\Game\. (DO NOT rename the Cinders folder, it must mer


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