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What is a Handicap 1.5 Bet? How to Read a 1.5 Goal Handicap Accurately

A 1.5 goal handicap is considered one of the most effective types of Asian handicap bets for players. However, players who do not understand this type of bet often confuse it with other types. Therefore, this article will help you learn in detail about this type of bet as well as some effective betting strategies for the 1.5 goal handicap.

What is a 1.5 Goal Handicap?

A 1.5 goal handicap, also known as a 1 1/2 or one and a half goal handicap, means that the favored team (the upper hand) gives a 1.5 goal advantage to the underdog (the lower hand). This type of bet falls under the Asian handicap category and is available at many bookmakers. It's often used in matches where there is a significant disparity in the strength of the two teams. Similar to the 1.25 handicap, this is a relatively high handicap rate, typically offered when bookmakers perceive a large gap in performance, strength, and other conditions between the two teams.

If you bet on the favored team, they need to win by at least 2 goals for you to win the bet. If the favored team wins by only 1 goal, you lose the bet. If the underdog wins or the match ends in a draw, those who bet on the underdog win the bet.

How to Read a 1.5 Goal Handicap

With this type of bet, the favored team must give a 1.5 goal advantage to the underdog. The bookmakers will evaluate the strength and disparity between the teams before applying this handicap on the betting board.

This 1.5 goal handicap signifies a considerable gap in strength between the two teams. It could be a match between a top-tier team in excellent form and a lower-tier team with mediocre performance.

If the favored team wins by 2 or more goals (e.g., 3-1, 4-2, 2-0), those who bet on the favored team win the bet and receive the full payout. Conversely, if you bet on the underdog, you lose the bet and forfeit your stake.

If the favored team loses, wins by just 1 goal, or the match ends in a draw, those who bet on the favored team lose their stake, while those who bet on the underdog win their bet.

Example of How to Read a 1.5 Goal Handicap

Let's consider a match between Real Madrid and Las Palmas. The favored team, Real Madrid, gives a 1.5 goal handicap to the underdog, Las Palmas, with odds for the favored team at 0.67 and for the underdog at -0.8. If you place a 100K bet, the following scenarios could occur:

If Real Madrid wins by 2 or more goals, those who bet on Real Madrid win with a payout of 100K + (0.67 x 100K) = 167K, and those who bet on Las Palmas lose their stake.

If Real Madrid wins by 1 goal, draws, or loses, those who bet on Real Madrid lose their 100K stake, and those who bet on Las Palmas win with a payout of 100K x -0.8 = 80K.

Tips for Betting on a 1.5 Goal Handicap

A 1.5 goal handicap is not as common as a 0.25 or 0.75 goal handicap due to its high rate. However, unexpected events can always occur in football. Here are some tips to improve your chances of winning when betting on a 1.5 goal handicap:

Research the Teams Before Betting

With such a significant disparity in team strength, it’s not difficult to gather and analyze information about the teams. Through reputable sources, you can consider and analyze current form, recent match statistics, starting lineups, injury rates, etc. This information will help you predict the number of goals and place your bets more effectively.

Avoid Betting Based on Emotions

A 1.5 goal handicap is a deep handicap, so avoid randomly selecting a bet or betting based on your favorite team. Simple bookmaker toolbetting betting like this can lead to significant losses. Therefore, you need to calculate the likelihood of winning to place your bets rationally and have a better chance of success.

Keep a Calm Mindset

Your mindset is crucial in determining your betting success. Experienced bettors suggest staying calm while placing bets to make rational decisions. In a 1.5 goal handicap, consider the significant disparity between the teams carefully. You might want to wait until the match is underway before placing your bet, rather than rushing in as the game starts.

Monitor Handicap Fluctuations

Observe the betting odds changes made by the bookmaker just before the match or in the initial minutes. If the handicap slightly increases to 1.5 goals, confidently place your bet on the favored team.

Additionally, be cautious with early bets offered by bookmakers, as these can be traps designed to mislead players. If you are unsure about the exact betting odds and trends for a particular match, you could be easily led astray by the bookmaker.

When to Bet on the Favored Team with a 1.5 Goal Handicap

When betting on the favored team, analyze the 1.5 goal handicap, review the bookmaker’s offered odds, and consider the following:

The favored team has a good scoring ability, netting at least 2 goals in the last 4-5 matches.

The favored team has a strong offense and a solid defense, conceding less than 0.75 goals per match.

The favored team's tactical setup focuses on attacking with proficient goal scorers.

The match is significant, requiring the favored team to score multiple goals to gain an advantage in the next round, making a bet on the favored team wise.

The odds for the favored team drop significantly, more than 0.25, before the match, making it safer to place your bet on them.

Managing Your Betting Funds

To minimize losses in betting, divide your funds into smaller portions and place bets wisely. Since unexpected events can always happen in football, a wrong decision could lead to significant losses. By dividing your funds, you can manage your money better, and even if you lose, it won’t drastically impact your life.

While a 1.5 goal handicap offers high rewards, it also carries the risk of falling into bookmaker traps. Therefore, carefully consider the situation before placing your bet. Be mindful of crowd psychology and insider information, which can help you make more informed bets.

These are some key insights and strategies related to the 1.5 goal handicap that we've gathered. We hope this information is useful and helps you achieve more victories in football betting.


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