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Sebastian Hughes
Sebastian Hughes

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2019: Create, Edit, Convert, and Sign PDFs with Ease

Why is there so much confusion on Adobe Acrobat DC Pro Desktop. I have heard or seen not just here but all over the web and even adobe about a 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 standalone desktop versions. However even the 2019 links from this site take you to the 2020 version only. Since 2020 dumped Windows 7 support, I still need to use a version that works with Windows 7. I own 2017 standalone/desktop DC Pro or Pro DC or whatever wording they are calling acrobat.

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I heard that Adobe has wiped all known download sites of the versions before 2020, but why remove 2019 which was the last Win 7 Compatible. I do not like subscriptions as I never know when I am going to use the program and so one month not use at all but no warning for me and then the following month find myself using heavily but once again with no forewarning in advance. So I prefer the old classic license, where the only thing you lose of course is new features, etc., but 3 years down the road I am still able to use my program without a subscription.


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