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[S3E2] Someone's Going To Die

Right out of the gate, Maggie had a premonition that someone was going to die. This caused her to be uneasy for the majority of the hour, and yet, she was the strongest character and the episode's star.

[S3E2] Someone's Going to Die


Maggie has a terrible vision of someone dying. She tells her sisters. They head to The Guardian to find out what is going on. The Guardian tells them if anyone touches the black amber in her chambers then the dark ages might come about again. The sisters want to seal the door but then they cannot get her help. As they talk further about it, Maggie feels weak and faints.

Although it seems like Julian is about to swerve into revealing his own plan, separate from his pact with The Charmed Ones, he instead uses this moment to try to sway Aunt Viv to see the dangers of her actions. "This is my project, and I'm going to shut it down," he tells his Aunt. He confesses that he knows that she fabricated Rosemary's recovery through magic and this use of magic -- as a weapon -- was never the aim of their work. "We set out to help humanity," he says, which leads Viv to state that that aim is ridiculous.

Hell yeah! They talk over the details, and, of course, Charlotte will be going along too, something very much noted by Lady Susan. Will this trip to London go better for everyone than the one way back in season 1? Only one way to find out: watch episode 3 next week!

Bailey assures Harley that they're going to take care of him. Harley's father is yelling at him for being stupid. He blocks the doctors' path, so Alex throws him aside. He hits a wall and ends up with a bleeding nose. Bailey directs him inside and stays behind to yell at Alex. She yells at him not to question her authority and not to defend his girlfriend for killing a man. He says Izzie is not his girlfriend.

George is eyeing the nurse from earlier as he's playing darts. If Callie can be bad, so can he. Meredith stops him since he's going to hurt someone with the darts. Meredith tells George that Callie is sexy and hot for him, so she advises him to go get lucky with her. He leaves as Cristina comes over. Since the day's over, it's time for Meredith to flip a coin. Derek is heads. She flips the coin and says she's taking a cue from Benjamin. Being impulsive is her new motto. Cristina says Benjamin died. He was sick and brain damaged, not honest.

Bailey sees Mr. Hernandez and sits down with him. She takes one of Izzie's muffins and asks if he's okay. His son's going to be fine. Mr. Hernandez says he let his son go off. He knew better. He keeps picturing his son going down that hill. He should have stopped. Bailey says kids spin out of control sometimes. Mr. Hernandez says it's a parent's job to control them anyway. He only sees Harley every other weekend since the divorce. He'd never have bought Harley that luge before, but he went soft when his son needed him to be the father.

The other is about Sherlock and John going on a pub crawl as John's Stag Party, and while still embarrassingly drunk taking on a new client and trying to find out if the man a woman has been dating had existed at all, seeing as he had disappeared. When coming to from his hangover, Sherlock concludes by comparing similar women in similar situations that they were dealing with a man who takes over the identities of recently deceased in order to get to know women.

Heather waits down in the basement for Stiles. There seems to be a weird localised earthquake going on because the wine racks start shaking. Then bottles start hurtling off the shelves, drenching her and cutting her bare feet.

Meanwhile, Gerald climbs into Ducky's Morgan but soon gets out after realizing that he has no idea how to get it going and as he does that, Ducky eventually reaches Gerald's car where Ari is waiting for him.

Meanwhile, the elevators open, revealing that Gibbs has returned and as he walks out of the elevator, he's having a talk with Tony but unfortunately due to cell-phone interference, the conversation isn't going well.

Unfortunately, he catches Dana's attention and as she gets out of the pool, demanding to know what he's doing, Tony tells her that he's planning on going for a swim and even begins removing his clothes.

Gibbs tells her to stay with Ziva while Tony wonders what if Dana's meeting with Ari? Tony then states that Gibbs is going to need back-up but one glare from Gibbs has Tony stating, "Let me rephrase that".

She then tells Gibbs that she doesn't believe that Ari is the sniper but she claims that what Gibbs has said should be investigated with Gibbs stating that when the media gets a hold of this, it's going to create a furor.

With that, Ari takes aim but Gibbs puts his hand and states that he's killed enough men in his life. Gibbs then sits down at the steps and in an act of defiance, tells Ari that it's going to be just as sweet watching Ari die before shrugging as if to say, "Come get me".

Rygel turns on a monitor to find Chiana and Ka Jothee having sex and gazes on. Meanwhile, Moya has docked at a commerce station near the Twin Suns of Qell to allow the crew to spend the money they stole from the Shadow Depository. As he gets drunk John Crichton is chatting to the barman, Moordil, when Ka D'Argo comes in and shows him some "union tattoo" for himself and Chiana, for their marriage. Stark tells Zhaan that they're going to find a planet where she can recuperate when they're finished. Aeryn Sun enters and sits with Crichton when a woman named Borlik asks if he is John Crichton. His reputation precedes him, and as she tells his story Crichton corrects her errors, blowing his cover. She says that they're all friends and they hate Peacekeepers here. As she orders him a drink, a storm suddenly hits sending the station into chaos.

Crichton chews out Jothee and Chiana, angrily telling the two that they both betrayed the one person on Moya who would've done anything for either of them, even die. D'Argo, meanwhile, is drunk, but decides to go out anyway. Pilot says that Crichton told him D'Argo wasn't going and asks why he is. D'Argo just says goodbye, so Pilot urges him to come inside. Stark and Crichton are bringing the chamber aboard the station to pull Borlik onto it when Pilot tells Crichton that D'Argo's gone EVA.

Jothee is going to leave and is speaking with Chiana as D'Argo secretly watches. Jothee says that he betrayed D'Argo and Chiana says it wasn't all his fault. He asks why she did it and she says that she didn't like his plans for them but knew he wouldn't take no for an answer, so she did something unforgivable. Jothee says that she used him and she agrees but says he enjoyed it. He tells her that if D'Argo will listen to tell him he's sorry and that he'll return one day and make it up to both he and Chiana. D'Argo watches and burns the other union tattoo, almost in tears.

Jack struggled with the leadership role that was thrust upon him. When wild boars started raiding the fuselage's dead bodies, Jack decided to burn it, but he declined to lead the memorial. He also initially refused to talk to a woman who appeared to be in shock, but he later sat with her for hours. He rescued a survivor from drowning but felt guilty that another drowned. Then Jack began seeing visions of his dead father - actually the Man in Black. He chased the vision and would have fallen off a cliff if it wasn't for Locke's help. After continuing to chase it, Jack found caves with fresh water, but also found his father's coffin, empty. He told the survivors about the caves, adding, "If we can't live together, we're going to die alone." ("Walkabout") ("White Rabbit")

Later, Jack realized they were not heading to their supposed destination. The Others ambushed them with stun darts and captured their entire party. When they woke up at the dock, Jack, Kate and Sawyer were hooded and told they would be going home with the Others. ("Three Minutes") ("Live Together, Die Alone")

Jessica returns to the firm and is met with Harvey who is infuriated that she went to see Cameron Dennis, as it painted the picture that Harvey cannot face Cameron by himself. Jessica clarifies that he is fighting Cameron WITH him and not for him, as the two agree to work together on the case. Jessica hands him the disk that Cameron gave to review. Together with Ava, they watch the footage on the disc, which shows Ava's second in charge showing a colonel a briefcase full of cash. As there is no audio on the disk, they clarify that if the audio did exist, it would not show either party explicitly mentioning anything about a bribe. Since this would not be enough evidence for Cameron to use, Harvey wonders if the colonel in the video would testify, but Jessica refutes this as the colonel is still a foreign leader and cannot be deposed. This leads them to the conclusion that Cameron instead has convinced Nick, Ava's second in charge and protégé to testify against her instead, confirmed when Nick refuses to answer Ava's call. Ava is furious at her protege's betrayal, and Harvey tells her he empathizes with her situation after Mike's betrayal. Ava suggests bribing Nick into not testifying, making Harvey realize that this was Cameron's endgame: he wants to catch them in the act of attempting to bribe Nick. Harvey goes to see Nick, who claims he did not initially want to testify, but believes he has no choice. After confirming that Nick does care about Ava, Harvey tells him that without his testimony Cameron does not have a case and that going through with betraying her would prove to be the biggest regret of his life.

The next day, Ava signs the deal as Harvey assures her that this is a good deal. She tells him she is aware it is, her only hesitation being that she will be returning to London without her protégé . When Harvey points out that Nick betrayed her, she points out however that Nick did not do so for personal gain, but because he had no other choice. As Harvey insists a betrayal is still a betrayal, she replies that regardless of his betrayal, she will still miss her protégé. After she leaves, Donna enters to confirm if Harvey is still going through with overthrowing Jessica, something which he replies in the affirmative since she confirmed that she does not regret her actions. Donna then suggests that since the entire blame is on Jessica, perhaps they should consider forgiving Mike. 041b061a72


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