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Power Geez Amharic 2010: A Review of Its Features, Benefits, and Installation Process

Speaking of middle age: I've got one. In fact, I have about 2kg, or 4lbs, of it, right now, in the shape of a buttercup -- plus a few other such, petal-free flowers -- which I've been carrying in my pocket for the past 16 years. And I'm a middle-aged man. A long time ago, that kind of thing would have been impossible, but now it's a whole lot easier, both to get in trouble, and out again, and do things quickly, and live more cheaply. I'm the richest middle-aged man I've ever met. I'm also the most tired middle-aged man I've ever met (even including the old-fashioned 'getting older' version).

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Of course, for all these to work, you have to have computers. Apparently there's a lot of development in this area, which makes me think that it's probably safe to assume that the CPU/memory/storage/power/heat/cost/etc in something like a normal PC is probably obsolete by now. That being the case, it seems like the only reason I could possibly see for having people continue to live in our current society is that they're somehow intrinsically attached to it as a physical place. Another reason that strikes me as not the best idea is that one ought to be able to transfer the wealth in human culture to something, and to transfer the culture itself to something -- I'd argue that this is probably beyond the reach of anything we have yet, and maybe beyond the reach of anything we will ever have. And if we can't do that, then the only reason to have a society is in order to either get money, or to keep power in a single particular place.

But perhaps there are other reasons -- aside from attachments to place, or reluctance to abstract away from place and power. It's become fashionable to say that if you can't defend it, you should get out. I'd say that one ought to be able to defend one's place and power by either giving them to someone else, or by being able to transfer that place and power to something else. I'd say that in a world which operated on those principles, we could easily create a society which scaled upwards and downwards according to the number of people who want it. Each of us could choose how many people we like, and create a place and power for them (and perhaps our own children, and perhaps some others we've helped), rather than being forced to give them away to people or institutions which we feel should have them.


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