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Norma En 60903 Pdf Download

IEC 60903:2014 is applicable to electrical insulating gloves and mitts that provide protection of the worker against electric shock. This standard also covers electrical insulating gloves with additional integrated mechanical protection referred to in this document as "composite gloves". This third edition cancels and replaces the second edition of IEC 60903, published in 2002. It constitutes a technical revision which includes the following major changes:- clarification of the requirements and tests for long gloves;- introduction of a new special property for gloves resistant to leakage current;- removal of the requirement for an area to mark the date of inspection;- the d.c. electric tests are no longer included in the normative part of the document but a proof test is suggested at the production level in a new informative Annex E;- preparation of the elements of evaluation of defects, and general application of IEC 61318:2007;- introduction of a new normative Annex H on classification of defects;- and introduction of a new informative Annex I on the rationale for the classification of defects.

norma en 60903 pdf download is the first single pan-European information point for standards and legislation in Europe. Genorma is your website for European and international standards, harmonised standards and compliance issues, launched in collaboration with BDS and other National Standardization Bodies. Genorma complies with the relevant policies on dissemination, sales and copyright of national, European and International standards.

Is applicable to: - insulating gloves and mitts which should normally be used in conjunction with leather protector gloves worn over the insulating gloves to provide mechanical protection; - insulating gloves and mitts usable without over-gloves for mechanical protection. Unless otherwise stated, the use of the term glove includes both gloves and mitts. The use of the term insulating gloves designates gloves providing electrical protection only. The use of the term composite gloves designates gloves providing electrical and mechanical protection.

Los guantes contra riesgos eléctricos deben cumplir la normativa IEC internacional 903 y la europea EN 60903. Existen 5 clases de protección, según el voltaje máximo de servicio. Estas clases están certificadas después de dos pruebas dieléctricas (tensión nominal mínima y voltaje de prueba) efectuadas por un laboratorio europeo homologado. Así pues, los guantes y manoplas de material aislante se clasificarán por su clase y sus propiedades especiales.Todos los guantes son Categoría III.

No se usarán guantes de las clases 1, 2, 3 y 4, ni siquiera los nuevos que se tienen en almacén, si no han sido verificados en un periodo máximo de seis meses. Las verificaciones consisten en hincharlos de aire para comprobar si hay escape de aire, seguido de una inspección visual mientras se mantienen inflados y después de un ensayo dieléctrico individual, según se indica en la Norma EN60903. Para los guantes de las clases 00 y 0, la verificación de escapes de aire y la inspección visual será considerada suficiente. 350c69d7ab


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