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Blazt Nissan Consult Usb Cable Software

These are the original (and we firmly believe THE BEST) Consult cables. We did the original design which was then posted on the web. Since then we have added various modifications to ensure reliability with all vehicles and with Nistune software. We are actively involved with Nissan diagnostics and tuning so we are well placed to provide support for our customers.

Blazt nissan consult usb cable software

The cables connect between the USB port of a laptop and the Consult Port of Nissan vehicles. There's a small circuit board close to the Consult port which converts the data. For general diagnostic work we recommend using Datascan software which allows various diagnostic functions to be accessed. See below for details. For real-time tuning our cables can be used with Nistune software.

The NDS I Windows PC software and the Android app works with Consult I adaptors (cables). We recommend using USB adaptors for the Windows PC software and Bluetooth adaptors for the Android app but both types are compatible with both software.

My hardware setup is a nano running the serial LCD on pin 11, and the hardware serial is used to connect to an RS232-TTL adapter from NKC Electronics ( this one - -to-TTL-converter-board-DTE-with-Male-DB9-33V-to-5V_p_369.html ). This is connected to a consult to serial cable that I purchased from amazon a while ago.

The consult cable works when used with a Serial-USB adapter and a computer to access the information. I have tried numerous programs with the consult cable + serial-usb adapter and it works fine when connected this way. My issue seems to be when the arduino tries to connect to the ecu via the consult cable. The program will work fine up to the point it tries to get the part num, and it fails. It also fails on the coolant temp and RPM.

robtillaart - I'm pretty sure you are correct about it not actually initializing. After fiddling with it some last night, I don't think it actually looks for the correct response - it just looks for anything on the RX line. I started by plugging/unplugging the jumper wires that connected the RS232-TTL adapter to the arduino TX/RX lines and found that if I unplugged the RX line it and reset it would give the "failed to connect" message in the code. However - immediately upon connection it would say it was connected, without the TX/RX lights on either the adapter or the arduino flashing(or maybe they just flashed so fast I couldn't see it). It would then continue to say "Connected to ECU" and try to read the two programed values, but always return "could not read value" - even if I disconnected the lines. This morning I did some more fiddling and noticed that If I connected a female RS232-TTL adapter (not connected to anything else) to the male RS232-TTL adapter that is connected to the arduino, it would say it was connected to the ECU, even though it clearly isn't. Then I connected another arduino to the 2nd rs232-ttl adapter and used a software serial/hardware serial echo to send/receive the code from the consult arduino. (see pic) Using this method I confirmed that I can send junk to the consult unit (using the echo unit) and it will say that it's initialized. The info I guess I need to learn more about how this serial communication stuff works.

Like I mentioned previously, the consult cable will work with a USB-Serial adapter and my laptop. I have not been able to find any open source software for the Consult Interface. Maybe I can use a serial sniffer program on the virtual serial port to see what the PC is sending/receiving over the serial port? next idea is to use a USB host shield along with the USB cable (based on the profilic 2303 chip) I have and see if that will work. I did get some serial data sniffed using a software serial sniffer so I can try and emulate those commands via the shield. Only problem - I doubt anyone has any libraries for this and I'm not good enough at programming to write my own since I doubt it's as simple as just sending the commands and listening for reply. I'll do some more research on the usb shield and see if that helps or not...

While other consult cables may work, this cable has been extensively tested and designed/modified to be the best consult cable that money can buy. Cheap cables can drop connection and present problems when using the NIStune software to tune your vehicle.

The cables connect between the USB port of a laptop and the Consult Port of Nissan vehicles. There's a small circuit board close to the Conzult port which converts the data. For general diagnostic work we recommend using Conzult software which allows various diagnostic functions to be accessed. Conzult Cable and Software can be purchased together HERE.

what is your cable model? you have to install the drivers that you find on the site nissan data scan, for the conzult software only the PLMS cable works, for the other cables you have to modify a protocol with FT prog

I have consult 3 and 3 plus software. I was told that my avdi interface could be used with it with some modifications. I had a guy that said he would do it for me but so far I don't have anything. Sep 6, 2017 - Is the Jdiag Elite J2534 compatible with Nissan Consult 3 2017 the latest. Connect JDiag Elite to the laptop USB and OBDII cable to the OBDII.

Ecutalk listed price is inclusive of postage and everything (and AUD so about 80% in USD due to exchange rate)2. Bigger/less convenient, moulded (not genuine) consult connectors, circuit big enough to be hand soldered (more likely to have errors/issues than machine soldered), and maybe the biggest thing no one realises - the body of their box sticks out from the consult port and digs holes in ur knee. They also dont test the cables at manufacture/assembly, and most ebay resellers dont tes them either (they sometimes arrive dead or not wired right). Pretty sure all ecutalk/blazt/plms ones are tested after being made so much lower defect rate3. If they all work then they all have the same purpose/funtionality, theyre all made for same software etc to do same the end, if u cant afford an ecutalk/plms/blazt one id roll the dice with one of the chinese ones, assuming you dont want to use it too often and can otherwise deal with the box sticking out of the consult port area (or if ur lucky, your consult port isnt attached to fuse box so you can do something about it). If it happens to not work it may take a while for it to be returned and u sent another etc, but it is definitely the cheapest route to go.

It will tell you which COM port it is. Mine was COM5. Set the right COM port in your Consult software.I am using a Dynex USB-Serial adapter I got from BestBuy (it uses a Prolific PL2303 chip inside) and it works great with the blaZt cable and ECUTalk and Datascan. Again, make sure your COM port is correct!

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