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Quavo’s Stellar Stra Group

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About D E Mp3 Rar


I come to you in jest "You're living a lie"Have you realised yetDo not worry I got your back Those dollar bills yours chasing are up ahead Take those shoes off and wear mineWonderful isn't it With my whisper in your ear you'll be able to join my world. The fundamental questions shall never be thought afterWe will make you trample on anyone to achieve it...I just need you to "believe" in my greatest trick."Its all about humanity"...I see you devil You gonna have to try harder We are already living in Sodom and Gomorrah I ain't not snowflake soul Door of temptation always been one eye open I'll drink your whispers and vomit what you're afterIf I have angels beside me they ain't weak I am just walking in the lions den gathering my questions... No doubt we will meet again.Test or no test I was the one that came to you in jest I'll continue looking down the middleforever ignoring you ...Devil I'll find my answer. 1e1e36bf2d


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