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Oliver Lee
Oliver Lee

West End Studios New York

Book Nook classes meet Monday-Friday between 9am and 6pm. We do not offer weekend classes, but our studios are open for events, storytimes and birthday parties on the weekends! Check out our social media to see the upcoming events!

west end studios new york

However, the southwest corner of the neighborhood was once quite different. The New York Central rail yards stretched from 60th Street to 72nd Street along the river and a number of commercial and industrial properties existed along West End Avenue, benefiting from easy access to rail freight.

In 1957, the building was purchased by the New York Times, to supplement a large printing plant the paper was building on land stretching along the west side of West End Avenue from 62nd to 65th Street. The plant was intended to eventually be the main printing facility for the Times, with the paper keen to get its production operations out of the crowded confines of Times Square and attracted by the ability to deliver newsprint via rail to this location. The 125 West End building was used for storage in support of the printing operations in the main building.

Land: Queens is on the far west section of geographic Long Island and includes a few smaller islands, most of which are in Jamaica Bay. The Rockaway Peninsula, the most southernly part of all of Long Island, sits between Jamaica Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, featuring the most prominent public beaches in Queens. 041b061a72


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