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Ronyasoft Cd Dvd Label Maker V3 01 10 Incl Keygen

Design and print professional personalized labels, covers and box inserts for CD and DVD discs with RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker! CD cover maker is a tool to easily design a CD cover, DVD box or case inserts without Corel or Photoshop knowledge. DVD cover maker comes with CD label and DVD cover templates and supports exact dimensions setting, DPI/PPI resolution and paper positioning for printing labels. Customize CD and DVD cover templates: arrange text, objects and images, import your artworks. Create them from scratch or choose from the collection of cliparts. Improve your disc collection with professional labels designed and printed at home!

Ronyasoft Cd Dvd Label Maker V3 01 10 Incl Keygen

Start CD cover design from choosing one of the ready-to-use templates created by our designers. Our template library includes standard and full-face labels, single and double CD case inserts, standard and slim DVD box covers, Blu-Ray covers and case inserts, paper sleeves or origami CDs. RonyaSoft DVD cover software offers templates for Audio CDs, MP3 discs, data archives, DVD movies and movie collections.The full list of provided templates is here.

For unsupported label stock paper RonyaSoft DVD cover maker features a built-in template designer to create custom DVD cover and CD label templates for all types of boxes: multi-disc sets, Nintendo Wii or PlayStation 3 covers. You can add support for new label stock papers too.

CD label software comes with all the tools needed to create a CD label or DVD cover in minutes, without having to learn Corel or Photoshop. DVD label maker will help you to make your own CD and DVD labels and covers for video and MP3 collections, family photo archives and data backups, prominent events and special gifts. With the CD label software you won't get frustrated by illegible handwritten scribbles on your CD-Rs and DVD-Rs. Let your creativity shine through by creating amazing covers for your disc collection!

Unsure as to where to begin when it comes to creating a label, cover, or case insert? Don't worry! There are a number of ready-to-use templates, including standard and full-face CD labels, single and double CD case inserts, standard and slim DVD box covers, Blu-Ray covers and case inserts, paper sleeves or origami CDs. You can find the full list of available templates right her

To see the result you can create with CD cover maker RonyaSoft, check out our articles and tutorials. After reading them, you will learn how to create a DVD cover from scratch, design and print a CD or DVD label, create DVD covers and CD labels with custom sizes and make a paper sleeves and origami. Explore guides and articles to discover the standard sizes of CD covers and cases, ideas and techniques for printing CD labels and DVD covers, and more.Create the Perfect Design for Your DiscsMaking impressive CD/DVD labels is easy! It only takes a few quick clicks and easy steps to create a simple label. If you want to make a more complex and highly customized label, you have a wide range of editing tools available at your disposal to make it still as simple as possible.

Designing a CD or DVD cover is fun and stress-free. All you have to do is select a pre-designed template from the template library (included in the package), add the desired title and description, include an image in the background and/or add a track list. And voila! Your first CD/DVD label is complete.

If you have a CD or DVD box that needs a non-standard-sized cover, don't worry! How about stock paper that is unsupported? It's no problem at all! RonyaSoft CD label software features a built-in template designer, which allows you to design and print highly-customized cover templates and label templates for just about every variation, including box sets with multiple discs, and even Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3, 4 or 5 covers! You can add support for new label stock papers too.

In order to print your own CD labels and DVD covers, all you need is a standard printer, along with standard or stock paper, and a PC or laptop with Windows software with a minimum of 512 Mb RAM memory and a Pentium III 1500 processor. RonyaSoft DVD label maker program supports most versions of Windows, including Windows XP (32 & 64), Windows Vista (32 & 64), Windows 7 (32 & 64), Windows 8 (32 & 64), Windows 10 (32 & 64).

Create own CD/DVD labels, covers, cases and case inserts. Blu-ray labels and covers are supported too. Personalize CD labels with your own photos and artwork. Huge collection of clipart is included. Import track names directly from a CD. Print on standard A3/A4 paper, stock sticker labels, CD jewel case templates or print directly on a CD or DVD surface. Make fine CD labels and DVD covers yourself. 350c69d7ab


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