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reactome is a reaction database for the over 900 reactions in humans, organisms, cells and dna-templated processes. as a manually curated database, it is a publicly available resource of computer-assisted experimental biological and biotechnological research. it is a valuable resource for biologists, biotechnologists and pharmacologists to identify, analyze and compare interacting biological molecules and pathways in human biology. it is released in version 5.1. the reactome 5.1 release consists of 47 new species-specific genome-scale models. the following features have been incorporated in the reactome 5.1 release: refinements have been made to resolve the low-confidence interactions and curate directly from the literature or from scientific conference abstracts. refined and curated interpro domains are now used to annotate all proteins in the current genome-scale models to improve consistency. detailed annotations for the enzymes have been added. the latest dataset version of reactome has been included and processing of the newest datasets has been improved. detailed information and metadata have been added to each of the new genome-scale models. a new file format has been developed for the integrative models of biology (imb) data exchange standard to improve the data exchange with imb track hub sites. a search interface for all reactome proteins, including the newly added genome-scale models, has been developed. new curation workers, biologists and biochemists have been recruited to update the annotations of the reactome 5.1 dataset. high-quality collaboration between biologists, bioinformaticians and curation workers has led to the curation of approximately 100,000 novel interactions and almost 100,000 novel proteins in the dataset. reactome is released once a year, and the current release is version 5. 3d9ccd7d82


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