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Melbourne Drop WAV MiDi

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Melbourne Drop WAV MiDi

"Big Room Drops" is a collection of original loops, samples, MIDI sequences, Sylenth1 presets - only top quality content for your next production. Use these kits to make your track professional, get inspiration from it. 20 gorgeous bigroom pluck loops will perfectly fill every track. A full construction kit will open a new way. We also included MIDIs and Sylenth1 presets - to give you maximum possibilities for every loop included.This is not the end. The whole collection is filled with "Plucks Act" - 50 pluck presets compressed in one Sylenth1 soundbank. Top quality only. Do you need more to make your drop gorgeous

FEATURES:- 20 bigroom drop kits (*.WAV + *.MIDI + Sylenth1 *.FXP)- Construction kit from the demo (120 BPM / F-key)- All 38 WAV loops exported- All 13 MIDI sequences included- All 5 Sylenth1 presets included- Sylenth1 (v2.21 or more) soundbank with 50 presets- 168 files in total (59 WAV loops, 33 MIDIs, 75 Sylenth1 presets, 1 Sylenth1 soundbank)- All of the content is 100% royalty-free, so once purchased, you can use these constructions in your commercial releases without having to pay any hidden costs.

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Notes are blue rectangles labeled with the pitch name. Candidate notes (white) are hints of where you may want to add a note based on where the detection algorithm was less certain. Candidate notes will not show up in sheet music and can be hidden in the side panel. The grid of possible note positions is created using the smallest allowed note, which can be set with a drop down box in the side panel. Some values may be grayed out based on the time signatures in the song to ensure every beat contains at least one smallest note. Individual beats can also be repositioned (see Editing Measures). All notes are assigned to the same voice. To edit the voice of a note you must save a musicXML file and edit with a music notation program.

The instrument drop-down box will automatically transpose the sheet music for the key and note range of that instrument and select the appropriate clef(s). In other words, it sets all of the advanced options below to preset values so you don't have to worry about them.

100 x kicks : FAT, punchy, balanced, full of texture and detail. These kicks are pre-engineered by Tom and Jame and have been crafted over the course of many years. They are literally giving you a complete drag and drop solution for one of the most important sounds in our genre. Wouldn't you agree

60 x claps/clap loops: These loops already have details added such as timing the clap before or after the kick and the addition of ghost notes to instantly add groove once you drop these into your track. The foundation of house music is groove, Tom and Jame are masters at this. Dragging and dropping one of these loops can give your track the subtle shift in groove that it needs. It can be the difference between making people dance or clearing the floor completely.

80 x risers : when you're looking to reach climax, these risers will help you reach that overwhelming finish that'll have your crowd begging for more. For the most gratifying of highs, anticipation must be built. This eclectic library of risers from grooved punchy rising rhythms to gritty extended sequences, are ready to drop right into your track, don't be alarmed if your listeners say wow....that was HUGE..

149 x synth shots : Did you know that many top producers use synth one shots to write their leads. When you are trying to keep the flow going with your writing, nothing is better than having a sound library that you can drag and drop into a sampler without having to dial in synthesizer settings and processing. These synth shots span a wide range of styles and are incredibly well engineered.

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