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Johnny Daniels
Johnny Daniels

Bhopal: A Prayer For Rain - A Gripping Drama Based On A True Tragedy

On the night of December 2, 1984, a deadly gas leak from a pesticide plant in Bhopal, India, killed thousands of people and injured hundreds of thousands more. The Bhopal gas tragedy, as it came to be known, was one of the worst industrial disasters in history. It exposed the negligence and corruption of the multinational corporation and the government that operated and regulated the plant. It also revealed the devastating impact of the gas on the health and environment of the people and the land. Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain is a 2014 movie that dramatizes the events leading up to and following the disaster. The movie features an ensemble cast of actors from India and abroad, who portray the different perspectives and experiences of the victims, the workers, the journalists, and the officials involved in the tragedy. The movie is a powerful and poignant depiction of a human and environmental catastrophe that still haunts Bhopal and the world.

Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain - A Gripping Drama Based on a True Tragedy



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