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the last question, "what do you think the best thing about final fantasy is?" was about as simple as they come, but upon further reflection, the question is so loaded with potential answers. is it its story? its characters? its atmosphere? its world? as final fantasy has continued to evolve over the past 25 years, ive noticed that different areas of the series seem to be brought more to the forefront of design, depending on the game. for example, a lot of people latch onto the story as a core element for final fantasy games. yet final fantasy ix seems to really feature the story (particularly the new twists and turns in the introduction of tidus and yuna) while final fantasy xii is arguably more focused on the game world. so, what does kamiya say about what makes final fantasy so great? what does he think is the best thing about it?

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i'd love to hear your thoughts on this question! leave them in the comments below, or find me on twitter (@pseudoneeded) or facebook. and for any of those unfamiliar with kamiya, you can check out his (and many other game creators) work on his old site:

still, i woke up. am i awake? once i was awake, and i could not get up to run away from this world for the fear of it. the streets were full of bodies i only remembered as being alive only a few days ago. in the mornings when i woke up, i knew what was wrong with me, but i could not tell you how i knew. i now knew that the man next to me was dead, that the woman lying in a snowbank nearby was dead. why were they dead? why did i know they were dead? then, in the shower i would wake up, and know exactly why they were dead. i would also wake up and know that things were different, and that they would never be the same again. in the morning, i would feel that the people living around me were not real. then something changed. i was no longer sure if i could feel that they were not real. i no longer felt that they were dead. i woke up and felt that my wife was not next to me in bed, but i knew her and i knew that she was still dead.


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