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Dell Touchpad Settings Windows 10l ^HOT^

The Portege's 4 x 2-inch touchpad has the same matte finish as the rest of the deck, and features two small ridges on the bottom that highlight the pad's left- and right-click zones. On default settings, the touchpad seemed to lag behind my finger slightly when I moved the mouse cursor, though it was responsive for functions such as touch-clicking and pinching to zoom.

Dell Touchpad Settings Windows 10l


Trusted Platform Module (TPM) securityTPM must be enabled in the BIOS setup program for it to be deployed on the computer. Follow these steps to enable and configure the TPM:Turn on or restart your computer.Press F2 when the Dell logo is displayed on the screen to enter the BIOS setup program.The BIOS setup program is displayed.On the left pane, select Security.Select or clear any of the following options to enable or disable it, respectively:TPM state (Enabled or Disabled):Enabled: The BIOS will enable the TPM during POST and it can be accessed by the operating system.Disabled: The BIOS will not enable the TPM during POST and it cannot be accessed by the operating system.TPM 2.0 security On: The TPM is enabled and activated.Clear: The BIOS clears the information stored in the TPM.Save the settings and exit.Reinstalling the operating systemThe Windows operating system is validated for use on this computer. You can reset or reinstall the operating system under different scenarios. For more information about reinstalling the operating system, search the Knowledge Base at support.For installing Windows on Intel 12th Generation computers using ISO images, search the Knowledge Base at attempting a reinstall of your operating system, Dell Technologies recommends that you back up all data as described in the Microsoft knowledge base article.Reinstalling drivers and applicationsDrivers and applications are software that enables Windows to communicate with the hardware devices and software in your computer. Devices such as video and sound cards require drivers to function correctly within Windows, and enable users to adjust hardware settings.Windows includes drivers for most devices, but device-specific drivers may have to be downloaded and installed separately. Dell recommends that you download the device drivers for your Dell computer from Drivers & Downloads.Applications must be downloaded and installed separately. Dell recommends that you download the required applications for yourDell computer from the Dell Download Center.Displaying drivers and applications on your computerTurn on your computer.Go to the Search support field, enter the Service Tag/Serial Number/Service Request/Model/Keyword of your computer, and then click Search.NOTE: If you do not have the Service Tag/Serial Number/Service Request/Model/Keyword, use the SupportAssist feature to automatically identify your computer. You can also click Browse all products to manually browse for your computer.Click Drivers & downloads > Find drivers.Select the Windows operating system installed on your computer to get a list of the drivers and applications available on your computer.Reinstallation sequence for drivers and applications


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