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[Japanese Drama] Hanazakari No Kimitachi E

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Hana-Kimi: A Hilarious and Heartwarming Japanese Drama

If you are looking for a fun and romantic comedy to watch, you might want to check out Hana-Kimi, also known as Hanazakari No Kimitachi E or For You in Full Blossom. This is a Japanese drama based on the popular manga series by Hisaya Nakajo, which tells the story of a girl who disguises herself as a boy to enter an all-boys school and support her idol, a high jumper who has quit after an accident.

The drama was first aired on Fuji TV in 2007, starring Maki Horikita as Mizuki Ashiya, the cross-dressing heroine, Shun Oguri as Izumi Sano, the aloof high jumper, and Toma Ikuta as Shuichi Nakatsu, the energetic soccer player who falls for Mizuki. The drama also features a large cast of handsome and quirky boys who live in the same dormitory as Mizuki, creating hilarious and heartwarming situations.

The drama is full of humor, romance, friendship, and drama, as Mizuki tries to hide her identity and help Sano regain his passion for jumping. Along the way, she also develops feelings for him, while Nakatsu struggles with his confusion over his sexuality. The drama also explores the themes of dreams, courage, and acceptance, as the characters face their own challenges and grow together.

Hana-Kimi was a huge hit in Japan and abroad, receiving high ratings and positive reviews from critics and fans alike. It also won several awards, including Best Drama at the 55th Television Drama Academy Awards. The drama also spawned a special episode that aired in 2008, which showed the characters' reunion after graduation.

In 2011, Fuji TV produced a remake of Hana-Kimi with a different cast and some changes in the plot. The remake starred Atsuko Maeda as Mizuki Ashiya, Shohei Miura as Izumi Sano, and Aoi Nakamura as Shuichi Nakatsu. The remake also had 11 episodes and aired during the summer season.

Whether you watch the original or the remake, Hana-Kimi is a drama that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon. It is a perfect choice for anyone who loves romantic comedies with a twist. You can watch Hana-Kimi on Viki for free with subtitles in various languages.

One of the highlights of Hana-Kimi is the cast, who have great chemistry and charisma. The main trio of Horikita, Oguri, and Ikuta are perfect for their roles, showing a range of emotions and expressions. Horikita is adorable and convincing as the tomboyish Mizuki, who often gets into trouble with her antics. Oguri is cool and handsome as the brooding Sano, who gradually opens up to Mizuki. Ikuta is hilarious and charming as the lovable Nakatsu, who steals many scenes with his inner monologues and facial reactions.

The supporting cast is also impressive, featuring many popular actors who play the students and staff of Osaka High. Some of them are Hiro Mizushima as Nanba Minami, the flirtatious leader of Dorm 2; Yusuke Yamamoto as Kayashima Taiki, the psychic roommate of Nakatsu; Masaki Okada as Sekime Kyogo, the friendly classmate of Mizuki; Ryo Kimura as Nakao Senri, the feminine boy who has a crush on Nanba; and Yuma Ishigaki as Tennouji Megumi, the fierce leader of Dorm 1.

The drama also has some special guest appearances by famous celebrities, such as Seiko Matsuda as the principal of Osaka High, Goro Inagaki as Noburo Kitahama, a photographer who knows Mizuki's secret, and Shunji Igarashi as Shinji Noe, a rival high jumper who challenges Sano.

Hana-Kimi is not only a drama that will make you laugh and cry, but also one that will introduce you to many talented actors who have gone on to star in other successful projects. You will definitely enjoy watching their performances and interactions in this drama. ec8f644aee


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