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Watch Gossip Girl S04E03

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At Fashion's Night Out, Serena arrives on a mission to find Blair. Penelope and a few other Hamilton House girls direct her to Dian von Furstenberg. She walks off, and the girls prepare to follow and get their phones ready to watch the showdown. Outside, Chuck and Eva arrive. When he sees Lily, Rufus, and Eric, he sends Eva off to get a drink. Lily walks off with another guest, and Chuck approaches Rufus and Eric. They act cold to him, and Chuck is confused, as he thinks Lily spoke to them. Rufus reveals he knows Chuck tried to rape Jenny at one point, and threatens to tell Eva to warn her to get away. He spots Eva, and asks Chuck if that's her. Wanting to protect her, Chuck tells Rufus that she is just another social climber and definitely not his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Juliet catches up with the girls and they show her that Gossip Girl is streaming Blair and Serena's fight live. She decides to broadcast the fight on all the TVs, then goes to find Blair to save her. Followed by the other members, she opens the curtain she assumes they're behind to find the two girls sitting quietly with Dorota. At the loft, Dan tells Milo that he's going to be his dad. A knock comes at the door, and Dan answers it to find Georgina. He tells her he knows she wasn't at the spa and that Milo isn't his son. She begs him to let her explains because someone was trying to kill her. 59ce067264


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