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Samsara 720p Hd _BEST_

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Best for overall value The Samsara CM32's front-facing camera lens records in 1080p HD and records a with 121 degree view. Meanwhile, the interior-facing camera records a still high quality 720p, and covers everything with a wide-angle 177 degree view.

Best for live-streaming The PureGear PureCam's exterior camera has a 1080p view, while the interior camera view is 720p. The exterior camera can rotate for optimal coverage, while the interior camera is fixed and includes night vision.

Best for cost-conscious fleets The Transcend Drive Pro 520 has a full HD, 1080p, 130 degree front view, and a 720p HD, 180 degree interior lens that can rotate and includes 4 infrared LEDs for night vision. 1e1e36bf2d


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